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Brand name plays a vital role in market your business either you are a multi million dollar company, a start-up firm or a small business owner. Optimal brand name is the need of every business in today’s time of online competition.

How you help business owners to find their suitable Brand Name?

As you can see, there is a free business name generator tool under the header that any one can use to find out their suitable brand names. Here, we refer domain name as the brand name. You can simply input any terms relevant to your business and choose the position where exactly this terms should come. Also, you can find brand names in multiple TLDs. It is free, hassle-free and easy to use.

For example, if you run a salon in Texas, and you want to opt for .COM domain name only, then you may search like:

Salon – Prefix – COM, TX – Suffix – COM, Hairstyle – Prefix – COM etc…

You can search with any term what come across to your mind. Later you can check the availibility of the same domain name by pressing the ‘Check the Domain’ under the respective domain name.

How a Brand Name help in market your business in front of your customers?

Well, I would like to answer this question with the help of an example. Let assume, your name is Alon and you own a moving & packers company in Buckland, Massachusetts and you provide service in your local town only. Currently, you run a website to promote your visitor online (either organic traffic, Paid traffic or Social Media Traffic) and your website name is ‘AlonMoversandPackers .com’. Nothing is wrong in this name but as you are hunting for more business leads, your brand name should be more optimal to your business. How about ‘BuckLandMovers .com’ or ‘BuckLandPackers .com’ and if you are upto start providing services in neighbourhood cities and towns then you might choose ‘MAPackers .com’, ‘MAMovers .com’ etc. There is always a chance to upgrade your Business or Brand name until you acquire the best one.

Can I avail more search option Like Bulk Search, Autoload Availability etc?

We focus on providing most of the required features free of cost. But above mentioned features come with the premium plans only. If you need to know more about our premium plans, please write us an email in this regard.